WC 1/5/2017 (CUP QF WEEK) WC 5/6/2017
Wed 3/5 Plessey lst PHL Wed 7/6 B.T. Wavertree v PHL
Wed 3/5 Chem Path lst MCS Dynamos Wed 7/6 Plessey v MCS Dynamos
Thu 4/5 Cheshire Line lst BT Wavertree Thu 8/6 Cheshire Lines v Chem Path
WC 8/5/2017 WC 12/6/2017
Tue 9/5 Hightown off Plessey Wed 14/6 B.T. Wavertree v Hightown
Tue 9/5 PHL bt Chem Path        
Wed 10/5 B.T. Wavertree bt Cheshire Lines        
WC 15/5/2017 WC 19/6/2017
Tue 16/5 MCS Dynamos off B.T. Wavertree Wed 21/6 Chem Path v MCS Dynamos
Tue 16/5 PHL lst Cheshire Lines Thu 22/6 Cheshire Lines v Plessey
Wed 17/5 Chem Path bt Hightown        
WC 22/5/2017 (CUP SF WEEK) WC 26/2/2017
        Tue 27/6 Hightown v Cheshire Lines
        Tue 27/6 MCS Dynamos v PHL
        Wed 28/6 Plessey v B.T. Wavertree
WC 29/5/2017 WC 3/7/2017
Tue 30/5 Hightown v PHL Tue 4/7 MCS Dynamos v Hightown
Tue 30/5 Plessey v Chem Path Tue 4/7 PHL v Plessey
Thu 1/6 Cheshire Lines v MCS Dynamos Wed 5/7 Chem Path v B.T. Wavertree
          Hightown v Plessey
          MCS Dynamos v B.T. Wavertree
In the event that your 1st round Senior cup game is postponed due to inclement weather    
please ensure the game is re-arranged for following week        
Home sides, please ensure you text Division Secretary on the night of match the result or if game is postponed
Home side secretary is then responsible for emailing the result to Division Secretary copying in away side for 
confirmation with 24 hours            
Shane Byrne               
Mobile 07985 147118